About The Crawfords

Our blended family was established in January 2012 on a typical "winter" day in Texas (you know, the 70 degree kind). The Mister and I were married in front of our immediate family and our greatest of friends in a small theatre room in the clubhouse of our apartment complex. It was small, and it was sudden. The Mister begged for months for me to marry him but our relationship was still very new and fresh. Leaving my previous relationship with Ellies father was difficult and things with The Mister picked up rather quickly, but alas, I caved and we wed five days later.

Currently we live in the suburbs of Austin, Texas just down the street from my parents. We enjoy spending our weekends at the farmers market, having Sunday dinners with Carls parents, watching Ellie play soccer, and hanging out at home in our PJs.

I was born in El Paso, Texas in the Fall of 1987. Yes, I am young and yes, I had Ellie when I was young. My parents transplanted us to Austin in 1996 and we never left. Austin is my home but El Paso is a close second. I graduated high school a year early and entered college at St. Edwards University in South Austin in August of 2005. My second semester as a freshman, I found out I was pregnant. After she was born, I went back to school just five days later and finished my undergrad in December 2009. I have a BA in political science which is collecting dust somewhere as my student loans collect interest! My life now is solely to provide a stable, healthy and loving environment for my husband and my Ellie.  I enjoy Yoga, cooking, spending time with my family (we are so much fun I will have you know), eating really delicious food with my two best friends, and just being at home with my little blended family.

The Mister
My stud of a husband was born in Memphis, Tennessee. He is also a transplant to Austin, or more specifically, Round Rock, a suburb of Austin. He too was apart of a blended family with two older brothers and an older sister. His full time job is being the cutest UPS driver tooting around in a big brown truck in central Austin. Could his job be any cuter!?

Ellie Sophia
My little new years baby. Born at 11:32 am on New Years day in 2007, I was only 19 years old when she entered this world. She is my world, my light, my love and the reason I work hard in the home. She enjoys playing with her my little ponies, drawing on the sidewalk with chalk, playing mine craft, and playing soccer. The sweetest, generous, and most loving soul I have ever encountered. I couldn't be more proud of her. 

Daisy Dean
Our angel baby was born sleeping on May 3, 2013. She was diagnosed with Trisomy 18 at 27 weeks gestational. It was the best and the worst day of our lives. We are so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to have her and to truly interpret our journey with her in our lives. The impact she has left on our hearts is something much greater than I can explain in a few words. 

To read more about our journey with Trisomy 18, you can check out our legacy page here. If you can, please leave a donation in Daisys honor. 

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