Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween at the Crawfords

Two more days y'all! I'm not big on Halloween but I kind of force myself to be so that I can make memories for the little one. I decorate the house to create some excitement for Ellie. Its like lighting a little fire once October rolls around. When she sees the Halloween box come out her eyes light up and she cannot wait to assist in stapling and taping things to the walls and mantle.  I'm very cheap so most of the seasonal decor is found at the Target dollar spot, second hand, or made by myself. 
The tassels and banner were made by me. I used some gold glittered American Crafts ribbon and some scrapbook paper already printed with the word "halloween" for the banner. Took me about 5 minutes to put together. The tassels were made using some tissue paper my mom found at the Goodwill Outlet (the GWO as we call it). Everything is weighed at the GWO so my mom was quick to put practically weightless paper in her cart. Did I ever mention how much I love my mama?

 The table runner was given to me by my mama. Again, have I mentioned I just love her?
 Lantern was another gift from Mama Herns. She's pretty awesome.
And this years mantle! I changed it up a little bit from last year. Its not as glitzy as before. Ellie made the black pendant banner in the middle last year. Ellie and I collaborated on the circle garland last year as well. The skeleton I picked up at the dollar spot (as well as all the other glittered pumpkins and skulls). 

Trick or Treat banner made by myself this year using black streamers, scrapbook paper, and American Craft Thickers. 

This little lady sits on our front porch. I love painting pumpkins with Ellie so much more than carving them. How cute is this!? That girl of mine is something special.

How do you decorate your home? Are you more into the scary stuff? I prefer vintage cutesy. Lots of glitter and gold! 

Hope everyone enjoys their holiday! Be safe out there. The mister will be getting off work early Thursday as he is particularly paranoid to be driving his big brown truck with a bunch of children running around in the streets. 

Mexican Marta

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  1. i miss the goodwill outlet! we call it 'the bins' ...i think i picked that up from all the vintage pickers i used to hang around. happy halloween!