Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bento Theme: Hello Kitty

Finally! A bento post! I'm almost certain I heard you yell that in your head. I know, its been awhile. I've been planning on doing a hello kitty bento for a while it was just getting it right. I did one last week but wasn't too happy with it considering all the things I tried pretty much failed. I had one of those oh-crap-its-705-I-dont-have-time-for-this moments my last go around at this. This past Tuesday is when I committed myself to the theme and spent the night thinking about how I could execute it successfully.

Chocolate and raspberry macarons, apples with peanut butter and sprinkles, carrots, yogurt ranch, peanut butter crackers, vegan/GF muffin, and grapes.

This was my previous attempt at a HK bento. I ended up just making a fruit leather bow because I was having some trouble using a HK rice mold. I used her two tiered HK bento box as well. It came out okay but I wasn't proud of it like my previous themed bentos. 

HK Pancake, Strawberries, Pepperoni flowers, HK Sandwich, carrots, zucchini, and mango

So this was kind of a weird mix of food for this bento but I was kind of experimenting with getting to see what Ellie would be willing to try. 

I added zucchini to the veggie flowers to see if she would eat them (she didn't). I made sure to include some yogurt ranch for dipping but that didn't work either. The mango is always a hit because, DUH, its mango!

The sandwiches are turkey. I was more playing around with the Hello Kitty rice mold as a sandwich cutter. I found that white bread works best as it is more pliable but I don't buy white bread very often. She did not eat these with the turkey and cheese inside. The pancakes were made using a basic mix and baked in a HK pancake maker. Of course she ate these up even though I didn't pack any syrup. The pepperoni was a last minute addition as I really doubted she was going to eat the turkey sandwiches. 

Her sweet treat was some hello kitty biscuits and chocolate cream gifted to her by my sweet friend, Ellies Auntie Pcill. She picks her up some AZN snacks and brings them to her every time he visits. 

Keep your eyes peeled for a halloween bento to come as well as a little house decor tour of all the spooks and DIY decor I've put up for the holidays. 

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