Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Go-To No Fail Bento

Okay you can cancel the milk AD you had out for yours truly, I am indeed alive. I apologize I have neglected my little blog but don't worry I have a handful of excuses (I'm really good at those). A combination of an intense cold, recovering from the US v Mexico game, a trip to Houston to visit friends, babysitting the cutest little girl, and not to mention (or maybe I shouldn't mention) Gossip Girl. Yes, Gossip Girl. It has taken over my life! My addiction has gotten so bad my brother actually suggested a Gossip Girl themed bento for this week. Haha I really don't know where I'd even go with that. A Louboutin sandwich? A Chuck Bass bowtie? Maybe even an ankle bracelet in honor of the greatest mother on earth Lily Humphrey (Yes, I am passed season four)? Okay, I will stop embarrassing myself now. 

So onto the actual purpose of this post, other than embarrassing myself. My go-to no fail bento. I take pride in my attentiveness to what Ellie enjoys to eat. Her school lunch especially. Since I am not there to monitor what she is eating or to encourage her to focus on her carrots rather than her nutella cupcake, I ask her to not throw anything away when she is done. I do this for two reasons, 1. to ensure she doesn't throw away my bento accessories and 2. so I can see what she didn't eat. 

This is Ellies all time favorite bento. I call it her antipasta bento. It's a combination of all of her favorite things and she never leaves a scrap. Some chopped mango, carrots, black olives (she used to call these burnt pickles), salami, baby kosher pickles, and some pretzel sticks (not pictures). I love this bento box! It's probably my all time favorite. The separate compartment is perfect for fruit or yogurt. What I love most about this bento is how easy it is to put together.  The black olives are perfect for fillers to take up some empty space. If you put pickles in your bento I highly suggest using some kind of silicone cup to separate them from the rest of the meal. I made sure to use one of my taller cups so to ensure the pickle smell stays quarantined. The cups are from Ikea, I just trimmed them to make them fit better. 

I put in a bento order online this week and am so excited to get some new gear. I bought a few things in Houston but was a little disappointed of the selection. I'll be sure to share what I get when it all comes in. 

I'm still trying to think of themed bento for this week. Any ideas? I need a creative push! Leave your suggestions in the comments I'd love to hear what you'd like to see. 

Gossip Girl
(sorry, I couldn't resist)


  1. How about a sports mascot theme or her favorite sport.

  2. Mrs. PacMan or Wonder Woman

  3. Red white and blue

  4. Duhhh a gossip girl themed bento. Blair Waldorf chicken salad anyone?

  5. GENIUS! And to think I was actually doubting you on Sunday. hahaha <3 xoxo GG