Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bento Theme: Super Mario Bros

I'd like to say first off that I have been sick as a dog these last few days. I caught something post grandparents day festivities and I am just now getting around to feeling a little better. I had a little setback post USA V. Mexico shenanigans thanks to my not-so-good-backstabbing-sob friend Mr. Beer.  The mister and I spent all yesterday recovering from celebrating the US mens national team making it to the World Cup! U-S-A U-S-A! It was a lot of fun but I definitely paid the price. 

On to this weeks bento theme. 


This is the Mario I grew up playing:

And this is the Mario Ellie has grown accustomed to:

My little princess is such a hardcore gamer and I love it. I grew up playing Street Fighter and NBA Jam with my two older brothers and I credit my somewhat tomboy nature to that. Growing up with older brothers (my sisters are older and were out of the house as far as I can remember) gave me a totally different perspective on things. The fact that Ellie enjoys playing video games over barbies (but not over My Little Pony) makes me smile a little. Okay, maybe a lot. Either way, playing Super Mario Bros is something we enjoy doing together. She thinks I am the coolest mom EVER because I can beat Bowser on some of the harder levels of the New Super Mario Bros game. 

Haha! Someone was not happy this morning. She was fussing cause I wouldn't let her peek at her bento before school. 

Mario Bros shirt from Target, Zara skirt, J Crew Crewcuts headband

But then I caved... all for a good photograph!

And here is the bento! A bob-bomb rice patty covered with seaweed, Toadstool radish, PB&J Coin box, and some organic raspberries.

And how can I forget the Super Mario Bros Movie!? I can't. It was the first time I fell in love with John Leguizamo hahaha. Yeah, there was a second time (after his HBO standup a few years later). 

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