Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sushi bento

Alright alright... I am fully aware that a majority of you wanna see more bentos. As much as I enjoy making the little one her bento every morning, it is not the sole purpose of this blog. I would say I intend for it to occupy about 30% of my posts give or take. Do you wanna see more? I intend to post my daily bentos on my instagram! Are you following me yet? You better get on it!


I am also participating in a September bento challenge! Be sure to follow along :-)

Now, on to todays bento.
Ellie LOVES sushi. Its so strange to me. She really enjoys unagi (eel) especially the dragon rolls. She also really likes seaweed and will drink soy sauce by itself. Ever since I told her soy sauce was like salt for sushi she can't seem to get enough. For those of you who don't know, Ellie LOVES salt.

Yesterdays bento was an ode to her love of raw sea creatures wrapped in rice, except no sea creatures here!

I went with chicken and vegetable dumplings for her protein. Her sushi roll is brown rice w/ carrot and cucumber wrapped in seaweed. The scraps of carrot and cucumber are tucked neatly next to the rolls and underneath the decorative kale I used to keep the dumplings and sushi separate. She has a little soy sauce container and a dumpling sauce container. For her fruit she has some organic red grapes and her sweet treats are some organic fruit snacks. 
On the left is her soy sauce in a fish bottle and on the right is her dumpling sauce.

I have to say, I really need to practice making sushi rolls. I made a whole roll (six pieces) and had to throw away four out of six. They were pretty bad! I should probably spend some time on youtube and maybe even purchase a sushi mat. Anyone have any advice for rolling sushi?

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! 


  1. Wow! I think this one is my favorite so far aside from the rainbow pasta. :)

    1. It was Ellie's favorite too! She didn't have a single crum left :-)

  2. Use plastic wrap to roll the sushi, key thing is to tuck tight.