Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Morning Routines

Did you notice anything different? New blog layout! I'm still working on a few things hopefully I can get them up and going in the next week. I have many things I want to share with you all!

Well, we've got three days of school in the bag. Let me just say that I am exhausted. I am missing waking up at 7 and taking my time to make breakfast and lunch for the mister (and then going back to bed of course). These past three days I've been up around 6, packing lunches, making breakfast, and constantly bickering at the little one to put her clothes on and stop playing My Little Pony. She does this thing where she just walks in circles in her room with a pony in each hand talking in a soft voice. It's really cute except for when the clock is ticking and she still has yet to put anything on but her underwear. I have to blow dry her hair, help her with her shoes, and constantly remind her that she needs to eat her breakfast. And lets not forget the struggle of getting a six year old to brush their teeth! I try not to use the words "hurry up" or anything like that after reading this article but I am guilty of giving her "the eyes". Oh, you know, these eyes:

If you read the article, you will notice there is nothing mentioned about giving "the eyes" to let your kiddos know that you ain't playin'. Good news is I got her out the door fully dressed in the outfit of MY choice AND even more importantly ON TIME. Cause, you know, I'm mexican and we run on MPT (Mexican People Time). Not to mention, I'm a Hernandez, which means don't ever expect me to arrive to your kids birthday party on time. That is unless the piƱata is the first thing on the agenda. 

Zara cardigan, Target top, Gap shorts, Vans shoes

Just realized that somebody forgot to put lotion on dem legs!

Our morning routine is pretty simple, I get up first and start running around the house like a chicken with its head cut off. Ellie is second to wake (around 6:20am) and heads straight to the shower. Can I just give some public praise to this girl for how amazing she is at waking up effortlessly and heading straight to the shower? Saves me quite the headache. I then start getting Ellies lunch together which usually takes me anywhere from 5-15 minutes depending on the complexity of the meal I have planned. I then make a simple breakfast for the mister and the little one (pre made pancakes that are frozen and thawed overnight, eggs and bacon, oatmeal, etc) which takes me another 10 minutes. And then the rest of my morning is spent nonchalantly rushing miss six out the front door. 

Some things I do ahead of time to make mornings easier:

1. Meal prep. I am working on a post regarding how I plan meals for the week.
2. Outfits. We do the whole bickeringoveranoutfit thing the night before. Her clothes are usually laid out on her desk so when she is done with the shower she puts them on. Unless of course she decides to circle her bedroom for twenty minutes.
3. The mister. I am so fortunate to have a husband that will eat the same thing everyday and not complain. Prior to this school year it was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Yes. PB&J. Everyday. This year I have made it a goal of mine to switch it up on a weekly basis. This week I made tuna sandwiches. On the weekend I made a big batch of tuna, separated it into 5 containers, and zip locked 5 baggies with four pieces of bread in each one. He simply opens the fridge, grabs a container, goes to the pantry, grabs his bread, and is off on his way. He is also really good at getting Ellie to wrap up her shower if she gets caught up playing with her ponies in the bathtub. 

What are some of your morning routines? Do you find it easier to have your kiddos showered the night  before? Are they easy to wake up?


  1. My mom always gave us "the eye" and boy did we snap. I guess you inherited "the eye" from your Meemaw.

  2. to your last questons... no routine, no and no. lol. I usually wake Kobe up with about 15min to spare. do a quick back rub. go finish myself. come back about 5 times to wake him up.finally ending with grabbing his legs and pulling him off the bed. throw his clothes to him (doesnt need to match, he's a boy. doesnt care. lol. forget breakfast. he can eat at school if he wishes. ick. and somehow when I drop him off... he says ' love you bye'. melts my heart every time. sigh

    1. hahaha Yes to the boy comment! Girls are so much harder. I know because I have a husband and he is SO easy. Ellies school offers free lunch in the classroom so 3 days out of the week I make send her to school without breakfast. Since Carl HAS to have breakfast then sometimes it just works to make a breakfast for everyone. Kobe sounds like such a sweetheart! Glad to hear he still shows his momma some love!