Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bento Theme: Rainbow Dash

Ellie really wanted to wear her new Rainbow Dash shirt to school for the first day but she understands that momma is not big on character tees and was willing to forego the RD shirt so that I can have a good first day of school picture. Isn't she so great!? haha. I always compliment her on being so thoughtful, hehe. In exchange for her generosity, I allowed her to wear it the SECOND day of school and also rewarded her with a nice Rainbow Dash themed bento.

Ray Ban eyeglasses (from Target), Target hair clip, Target blazer, Rainbow Dash tee from Macy's, Zara pleated skirt, Zara flats.

500 ML bento from FIT, Gem food picks from FIT, Celery w/ peanut butter, grapes, rainbow pasta salad, Rice Krispies treat w/ fondant cutie mark.

You may notice I didn't pack a dairy item for this particular lunch. For me, a dairy item and carb item are interchangeable. Because her meal has a large amount of carbs, I opted out of including some sort of dairy item. Instead of a meat based protein, I added a tablespoon of peanut butter to her celery sticks. 

The rainbow pasta was easy to make, it just resulted in a lot of dirty dishes. I actually made the pasta during my weekend prep. I used five different mason jars filled with some water, pasta, and food color GEL. I emphasize the gel because it is much more vibrant and concentrated than the drops. The drops will leave you with a more pastel look. You can find the gels at hobby lobby or Michaels. They sell a pack of like 10 I think for 10 bucks but use the weekly 40% off coupon, just google Michaels/Hobby Lobby coupon and they will scan it off your phone. The gels keep for a long time and because they are so concentrated a little goes a long way (I use them for cakes, dying easter eggs etc etc). I microwaved the pasta for about 8 minutes on high, gave them a stir, added another 8 minutes, and voila! I was able to do that and make some homemade strawberry syrup at the same time! Now all you have to do is pour some of your kiddos favorite dressing on top on the day of, Ellies favorite is Kraft Caesar Vinaigrette. Oh, and also, I would recommend storing them in separate containers to prevent the colors from bleeding.

Yeah, I know. My kitchen is a mess! But that's what prep day is all about. Making one huge mess for the week instead of five. 

To make the Rainbow Dash cutie mark, I keep some Wilton Fondant in the pantry and pinch little pieces off to make little images. You can also make marshmallow fondant which is pretty easy it just doesn't keep well in the fridge for long. I then draw on it with some cookie markers and cut it out using a paring knife. If you want to go full on with the theme (and if you are a good artist) you could totally draw Rainbow Dashes face on some fondant and put it on top of the rice crispy treat. 
Have fun everyone!

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